Research & Development

Keeping ahead of your competitors requires a regular dose of continued innovation.  When your team doesn’t have either the time or required resource to do this effectively, we can help.


Engineering researchWith our advanced electrical, electronic, and mechatronic research capabilities, we have a long track record of producing innovative solutions to help keep our clients ahead of the pack in an international market.

We can help you discover:

  • Whether the technology to meet your needs already exists, and assess its feasibility for your intended application.
  • What the available options are – analysing costs, benefits, and the resources required – to determine your best option in keeping with your desired goals and outcomes.
  • New innovative solutions.


We are able to support or boost your existing in-house development resource by plugging specific gaps, or we can take sole charge of a particular project or development.

Working collaboratively with you, our development team can take care of any part or all of the:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Competitor analysis & product evaluation
  • Product brief and specification, including relevant standards compliance.
  • Initial concept & design work
  • Prototype production & testing
  • Design for Manufacturability Review
  • Standards and compliance requirements – both for NZ and international markets
  • Field trials
  • Documentation required to seamlessly transition to full scale production or implementation.

Our extensive expertise in electrical, electronic, and mechatronic engineering has been successfully applied to a wide range of industries in New Zealand and internationally. Products we have had a hand in earn our clients millions in export revenue each year and we continue to provide ongoing support where required.