Product Realisation

Successfully turning a prototype into a manufactured product requires production processes capable of producing time & cost efficient, high quality end results. We can help make that happen.

ProductionWhen your prototype is ready for market – product brief and specification met, design and testing complete, market analysis and business plan complete – it is ready for production… maybe!

Whether you are intending to produce a new product or are modifying an existing one, a ‘Design for Manufacturability Review’ ought to take place before production commences. (Ideally, this should already have been done as part of the development phase).

As the production phase is usually the most expensive, this review can help identify whether further manufacturing cost reductions are possible through changes to design, substituting components, or outsourcing to alternative assemblers. However, these are all details which, if not properly analysed to consider the wider implications, could carry hidden costs or even destine a new product to the scrap heap.

Keeping Production on Track

Choosing the right production process for the specific needs and quantities of your product is key to success.

Agenta Technologies can help keep your production process on track. We can provide:

• Final design optimization with an eye to minimizing production costs – without compromising product performance or standards compliance.
• Detail drawings.
• Component specifications and costings.
• Assembly drawings and instructions.
• Final CAD models.

NZ & International Standards & Compliance Requirements

Your product design will need to comply with any relevant NZ and international standards and compliance requirements. Any changes to that design will require not only a performance review of your product, but a compliance requirements review as well.

Understanding product compliance requirements can be complex and confusing, particularly if your product is intended to be exported. Each country is subject to different regulatory agencies and standards – many of which are not compatible with other jurisdictions.

Your product will likely need to meet at least some of the standards and compliance requirements which affect:

• Product safety (e.g. electrical, user safety)
• Ergonomics
• EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) – immunity and emissions (conducted and/or radiated)
• Energy savings
• Environmental standards (e.g. reduction of hazardous substances, waste reduction and control at end of product life)

Agenta Technologies is able to assist you achieve compliance. We can:

• Assess which standards and compliance requirements apply.
• Design new products or make changes to existing products to meet them.
• Prepare (or assist you to create) the required documentation for certification.
• Arrange for any required certification testing to take place.

To discuss how we may be able to assist with your production needs, please contact us for a confidential chat.