Evaluation & Investigation

Market leaders don’t always rely on ‘new’ technology. Understanding how to get the best out of an existing technology can lead to new applications & opportunities. We can help you find them.


Whether you intend to use or modify an existing technology – or better understand a competitor’s product – Agenta Technologies is able to provide technical evaluations tailored to your specific goals.

Solving Technical Problems

EvaluationYou know what the problem is but how do you fix it? Even where ready made solutions already exist to solve your technological issues, it can be a dilemma determining which options best suit your needs.

When you don’t need or want to ‘re-invent the wheel’ we can help you identify whether any common off-the-shelf solutions exist. Looking at the available options, we evaluate their:
• intended purpose
• functionality
• operating conditions & limits
• market suitability, and
• compliance with relevant standards
before making recommendations as to the best option(s).

Where modifications are required, our R&D team can help design the necessary changes so as to meet your product specifications and requirements.

Technical Due Diligence

Whether you are looking to invest in or acquire a technology based business, you will need to understand and mitigate all technical risks before you decide to commit.  Our technical due diligence service can help you understand the technical feasibility of a project or business with a full technical risk review. Our independent technical review can help you:

  • Understand and mitigate a variety of technical risks
  • Identify technical risks that could compromise profitability
  • Ensure that the technical feasibility of the project or business makes for a sound investment
  • Ensure that all factors have been accounted for in the development process
Competitor’s Products

Understanding your own competitive advantage requires a good understanding of your competitor’s product(s). We provide in-depth technological evaluations of your competitor’s product(s) so know how your product compares and can identify new commercial opportunities for your business.


Sometimes products do things “unexpectedly”.  If you have product performance issues and are either unsure as to the cause or how to remedy, our investigation service can help.  If required, we can provide on-site visits anywhere in New Zealand and internationally (in safe travel zones).