Electrical, electronic and mechatronic products and systems now control much of industry and daily life – so it’s not surprising that Agenta Technologies has diverse industry experience.

The fact that we support a wide range of industries has enabled us to develop a truly holistic approach to everything we do. This means we can:

  • find and create solutions which are neither present or obvious
  • relate to, and work with, all tiers of management and technical staff; and
  • engage actively with your team to produce the desired results.


AgricultureNow a high tech industry, New Zealand is a world leader in agriculture from growing conditions in the field to the processing methods used for distribution and export.

Whether your goal is to increase production, minimise waste, or deliver better quality in shorter time frames, we can assist with the development of innovative product technologies, as well as the continuous improvement of production processes and methods.

Building Services & Automation

Building Services & AutomationOur interior environments are increasingly being controlled for comfort, convenience and resource conservation. These environments may also be heavily regulated depending on their intended use.

From high end residential to full scale commercial and high security buildings, we work with architects, engineers, specifiers, building consultants, government agencies and private businesses to create and deliver solutions to your water, power, lighting and energy use needs.

Advanced Technology Environments

Industrial engineeringHigh tech industries are usually marked by fast-paced innovation cycles so as to remain at the cutting edge of technology. To succeed and effectively compete in this kind of environment, constant improvements to production efficiency, in addition to implementing improved R&D concepts, is key.

From industrial motor control to Human Machine Interface systems, we work with manufacturing facilities, processing plants and industrial facilities.

LED Signage & Display

LED screenWith multiple applications, from small roadside displays to multi-million dollar stadium sized screens, we have worked with world market leaders in LED screen development with markets in Australia, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Hong Kong and many other countries.

And more …  Our skills are transferrable across any industry which requires specialist electrical, electronic and mechatronics expertise.