Technical Director

Dr Grant Peters: “Why did I become an engineer?  To make a difference, not just a contribution.”

GP_May12_a_smlAs the founder of Agenta® Technologies, Grant personally oversees all projects accepted by us. He brings a wealth of experience from his multi-disciplinary background in Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, and Software Engineering.  He is responsible for all aspects of project management, concept development, and design implementation.

Grant originally trained as a mechanical engineer (BE(Hons)) at the University of Auckland.  Following his OE to Japan and a stint working at the Clyde Dam in Cromwell, NZ, Grant returned to the University of Auckland to further his studies. As a recipient of the IPENZ Craven Scholarship for engineering research, he went on to complete his PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His work saw him awarded the IEE John Hopkinson Premium for his paper “Eliminating Output Distortion in Four-Switch Inverters with Three Phase Loads”, IEE Proceedings – Electric Power Applications, vol. 145, no.4, July 1998, pp 326 – 332.

Grant joined PDL Electronics Ltd in Napier, NZ in 1995 as a design engineer and within three years became the senior research engineer in charge of the research group. He oversaw the development of PDL’s low-cost AC drive product range and set up a dedicated motor control research group responsible for evaluating the latest technological advances being made by academic researchers and their commercial applicability.  In his spare time he wrote many engineering papers which were published in IEE, IEEE and IPENZ publications and reviewed papers submitted for publication by other authors as an independent expert for IEEE.

In 2001, PDL Electronics was acquired by the large multi-national Schneider Electric.  Grant became an integral part of the management team responsible for the development of a new range of AC drives by the Schneider Electric / Toshiba joint venture and marketed under the “Telemecanique” brand. This work involved power semiconductor selection and performance evaluation, including thermal modelling under various operating and overload conditions – and many trips to Pacy, France!

Headhunted by Day One Digital Media Ltd in Auckland, NZ in 2003, Grant became their Research and Engineering Manager. Day One Digital Media manufactured large-scale LED based video display technology systems under the brand “Monstavision” . Grant’s multi-disciplinary background proved particularly useful with the development of the “Quik-Rig” system which required mechanical and electrical systems integration. Management of many engineering and key strategic suppliers for the Monstavision screen systems saw Grant travelling to China and working with suppliers around the globe.

With advanced research capabilities, the desire to be involved in a wider range of engineering projects led Grant to found his own engineering consultancy, initially in conjunction with his responsibilities at PDL and Day One Digital Media and then full time from 2007.  Agenta® Technologies’ client base continues to grow under Grant’s dedicated stewardship.

If you have a project in mind, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your plans in full confidence with Grant in the first instance.