Our key strength is our ability to understand the big picture of what you, your product and business is seeking to achieve – both technically and commercially.

This holistic approach greatly reduces the risk of incorporating incompatible design elements within a product or system, or creating adverse legacy issues further down the track.  With advanced technical skills and research ability, our services can help you become and remain a market leader.

We offer expertise in:

Engineering Research & Management

Management• Advanced research capabilities
• Failure analysis & investigation
• Technical due diligence, including for investment purposes
• Specification, design, development & production documentation
• Intellectual property (patent application) support
• Design for Manufacturability Reviews
• Production testing
• Field testing and support
• Site commissioning & monitoring


Hardware• PCB (circuit board) design
• Control systems (building services automation)
• Industrial motor control
• Microcontroller and sensor development
• Low voltage electrical design
• 3D CAD modelling
• Fabrication drawings



Software• Embedded software (Firmware) development
• PC based SCADA systems
• Human Machine Interface design
• C-bus energy management & lighting




Electro-mechanical Systems Integration

Integration• Prototype development
• Thermal (heat) management solutions
• Industrial network interfacing
• LED display systems

Our expertise has been applied successfully to a wide range of industries in New Zealand and internationally. To discuss how we may assist your next project or development, please contact us for a no obligation and confidential initial chat.