About Us

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For nearly 15 years, Agenta® Technologies has been quietly establishing a reputation for delivering innovative, effective, and environmentally sound solutions for a world not done with presenting engineering challenges.

Agenta® Technologies was established to meet the growing need for specialist electrical, electronic and mechatronic engineering expertise without the long term commitment normally associated with employing in-house staff. While we occasionally accept briefs from start-up ventures, we work mostly with established businesses looking to expand their product range, maintain market position or preserve their existing competitive advantage – businesses who are (or aim to be) market leaders and want to stay that way.

Engineering a Brighter Future

Much has been said about big corporates valuing profit over the environment; shareholder returns over community welfare. At Agenta® Technologies we believe that with good engineering practice, these things need not be mutually exclusive.

Our commitment to a sustainable, brighter future comes from understanding that even the smallest of measures can produce a significant impact – good or bad. As such, we constantly consider the bigger picture to ensure positive long term benefits for you, your customers, your reputation and the environment.

In practice, much of our work incorporates energy, water or resource conservation with a focus on developing sustainable, efficient solutions – even in the simplest circuit board design, we take care to avoid unnecessary waste. It is this attention to detail which produces such great results.

Smart people – with extensive experience – counts. Agenta® Technologies brings together professionals from diverse disciplines with complimentary skills. With strong industry and University associations, our collaborative approach and expertise ensures we:

  • Deliver solutions that work
  • Follow best-practice standards and processes
  • Provide cost-effective and time efficient results.